LIARS: CNN falsely claims there have been 22 School Shootings in 2018

CNN wrongly claimed today that there have been 22 Mass Shootings in 2018.

Here is the tweet from CNN:

 The Daily Wire broke down all the misleading shootings they added

  • April 12, Rayton, MO: Someone fired a gun in the parking lot of a track meet, and a man was wounded.
  • April 9, Globersville, NY: A student shot another student with a BB gun.
  • March 13, Seaside, CA: A teacher accidentally discharged a firearm during a public safety class. No one was killed.
  • March 8, Mobile, AL: A non-student was shot at an apartment on the University of South Alabama campus.
  • March 7, Birmingham, AL: Two students were shot accidentally during dismissal time at a school.
  • March 7, Jackson, MS: A student was shot at a dorm at Jackson State University.
  • March 2, Mount Pleasant, WA: Two non-students were shot at a dorm at Central Michigan University – and police blamed a domestic dispute.
  • February 27, Norfolk, VA: A student at Norfolk State University was apparently accidentally shot from an adjacent dorm room.
  • February 27, Itta Bena, MS: A non-student was shot at a recreation center at Mississippi Valley State University.
  • February 24, Savannah, GA: A non-student shooter shot a non-student victim on the Savannah State University campus.
  • February 9, Nashville, TN: A 14-year-old shot a 17-year-old in a targeted murder attempt in a parking lot of a school.
  • February 5, Oxon Hill, MD: Two teenagers shot a third teenager in a robbery attempt outside a school.
  • February 1, Los Angeles, CA: A 12-year-old girl accidentally shot two 15-year-olds.
  • January 31, Philadelphia, PA: A 32-year-old non-student was shot outside a high school after a fight.
  • January 20, Winston Salem, NC: A college football player was shot to death on campus at a party.

There have been 7 school shootings this year after taking out these which are by no means school shootings.

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