It’s time to send the National Guard to our schools

After another Mass Shooting, the left has already begun its push for gun control and finger pointing at the NRA. Let me make myself perfectly clear I support ZERO new gun legislation. An AR-15 ban would have done nothing to stop this young man from using a shotgun to kill 10 in cold blood. Raising the age to purchase a gun to 21 would not have stopped him from using the firearms his father purchased. In fact, as the Governor of Texas Gregg Abbott pointed out there are already laws on the books prohibiting the shooter from using his fathers gun. All of this shows that new gun legislation does nothing but strip the civil liberties of law-abiding Americans.

With all of that being said something must be done to stop the spree of School Shootings we have seen. No, the number isn’t 22 like the leftist media would have you believe but the number matters little. The bottom line is our children, the future of our country deserve to go to school without fear of being killed.

So how do we fix this?

There is no one fix for this. The reasons for these shootings are a breakdown in American culture. The left has destroyed the family, rule of law and the American dream. All of these shooters have poor home lives or at the very least parents who do little to pay close enough attention to there children. There is no legislation to fix this. With that being the case we must confront the evil head on. Protect our schools with Heros. Protect our schools with guns. Arming 20% of the teachers is a good plan for certain areas. Putting armed guards in schools cost money and would need legislation. Neither of these are a National Fix.

So, what can Trump do right now to harden our schools?

President Donald Trump should order the governors in all 50 states to send the National Guard to schools in America. Every State can decide how to use the National Guard and to make sure the schools in their districts are no longer soft targets. Some schools already are hardened they don’t need the support of the National Guard. The ones that do however will get the full support of The National Guard.

Make no mistake we are at war with the school shooting epidemic that has plagued America. This isn’t a war against guns. This is a war against evil.

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