Jared Kushner is nothing but trouble for Donald Trump’s administration

    It is no secret that Jared Kushner is a huge part of Trump’s administration. He is one of Trump’s senior advisors and was given the role of heading up Trump’s invention the Office of American Innovation. It also helps that he is Trump’s son-in-law. This relationship only seems to be growing stronger. This has caused a rift between two of Trump’s closest allies. It is Kushner vs Bannon.

    Article from the New York Times:

    “Finally, Mr. Bannon identified why they could not compromise, according to someone with knowledge of the conversation. “Here’s the reason there’s no middle ground,” Mr. Bannon growled. “You’re a Democrat.”

    The schism within Mr. Trump’s perpetually fractious White House has grown in recent weeks, fueled by personality, ideology and ambition. At its core are Mr. Bannon, the edgy, nationalist bomb-thrower suddenly in the seat of power, and Mr. Kushner, the polished, boyish-looking scion of New Jersey and New York real estate. Even as Mr. Kushner’s portfolio of responsibilities has been expanding, Mr. Bannon’s in recent days has shrunk with the loss of a national security post.”

    Trump’s administration now has broken into two groups. The Nationalists and the Democrats. Yes, you heard that right Democrats have now infiltrated Trumps decision making. The heads of these two groups are Steve Bannon for the Nationalists and Jared Kushner for the Democrats.

    Kushner’s attack on Bannon is about as destructive as it gets. He supposedly leaked out bad information on Bannon to MSNBC’s  Joe Scarborough in an attempt to delegitimize him. With the rise of Kushner, we will see him go against everything he stood for during the election.

    Here are the promises that are bound to be broken with Kushner as the leading voice.

    -Restoring of our borders

    -America first attitude

    -Support for good Republicans

    -Attack against the MSM

    -Draining of the swamp

    With Kushner behind the scenes, Trump will be easily persuaded to join the swamp he vowed to destroy. We have already seen Kushner help persuade Trump in numerous areas. Not only did Kushner have a hand in the healthcare debacle but it is clear he had a hand in the decision to bomb Syria. Kushner wants power for himself. He wants to protect his own image no matter how it reflects on Trump.

    Trump’s nationalistic agenda is in trouble right now. It is clear that the relentless attacks from the MSM and the Russian witch hunt by democrats have made him question who he should trust. He has placed his trust in those closest to him, his family. The issue is that besides his wife all of his other family members are standing in the way of fulfilling the promises he made during his campaign. Ivanka was caught meeting with Planned Parenthood and Kushner has done all I mentioned above.

    Mr. Trump you must side with Bannon in this fight within in your administration. Nationalism and an America first agenda must prevail over the democrats that infiltrated your administration. Bannon is a guy you can trust and a guy who is going to help you fulfill the promises that you yourself pledged during your campaign. You need to tell Kushner to align with your agenda or simply show him the door. Kushner may be family but his agenda will do nothing but ruin you Mr. Trump.


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