Egypt announces “state of emergency” after ISIS bombs Coptic churches in Egypt

    ISIS took responsibility for the bombings on Palm Sunday at a Coptic church in Egypt that took the lives of dozens of worshipers. After this Egypt’s President, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has announced that Egypt is now in a state of emergency.

    Here is more from Al Jazeera: 

    “A series of steps will be taken, most importantly, the announcement of a state of emergency for three months after legal and constitution steps are taken,” Sisi said in a speech aired on state television.

    Here is what a state of emergency entails:

    -Expands police’s power to arrest

    -More surveillances and seizures

    -Limits freedom of movement

    This needs to be sent to The House of Representatives for approval within a seven-day period to go into effect under Egypt’s constitution.

    Although it may seem like it is an infringement on the rights of civilizations that doesn’t mean it isn’t needed. Christians in Egypt are being slaughtered and the police seem unwilling or unable to give them the protection they need.

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