Is Kim Jong-un planning on taking South Korea?

In a speech, Kim Jong-un gave on New Years he hinted at wanting the Olympic games that will be held in South Korea to be a success.

This is what Kim was said to have said according to AP.

“The Winter Olympic Games that will be held soon in the South will be a good opportunity to display the status of the Korean nation and we sincerely wish that the event will be held with good results,

President Moon of South Korea was open to this as well.


President Moon Jae-in called for swift measures to realize North Korea’s participation in the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games here on Tuesday, one day after the reclusive North Korean leader hinted at a resumption of inter-Korean dialogue to the end.

“I hope the Unification Ministry and the Ministry of Culture and Sports will swiftly come up with follow-up measures to quickly restore South-North Korean dialogue and realize the North Korean delegation’s participation in the PyeongChang Olympics,” the president said in a Cabinet meeting held at his office Cheong Wa Dae.

The remarks came one day after North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said his country was willing to send a delegation to the Winter Olympic Games to be held here on Feb. 9-25.

“We are ready to take various steps, including the dispatch of the delegation. To this end, the two Koreas can immediately meet,” Kim said in a new year’s message reported by the North’s state media.

Moon welcomed the remarks as a response to his earlier call to establish peace.

“I view chairman Kim Jong-un’s remarks about sending a North Korean delegation to the PyeongChang Olympics and holding government-level dialogue as a response to our proposal to turn the PyeongChang Olympic Games into a groundbreaking chance to improve South-North relations and establish peace,” the president said, according to Cheong Wa Dae pool reports.

This is an extremely weird story. The fact that North Korea is coming to the table like this is different than anything we have seen from Kim Jong-un. This is why I am very skeptical of his actions. There is no way that he is doing this because he wants peace with North Korea. He wants to do this because he is trying to get something out of it. Here are the three reasons he might be doing this.


Kim Jong-un, like his father and grandfather, are experts in propaganda. They are able to control the people by controlling how they think about everything by controlling the media. In the eyes of the North Korean people, North Korea is one of the strongest on earth. They are taking on the United States and are acquiring weaponry making them the strongest nation on earth. Obviously, this isn’t true but due to the propaganda spread by Kim Jong-un, they believe it. The Olympics is a chance for them to continue their propaganda. Imagine if North Korea lies about their success at the Olympics. What if they tell their people they beat the rest of the world in each of these events. This would further restore the greatness of Kim Jong-un to his people and make them further believe in the greatness of their country. You might think this could never happen but the media state in North Korea is like no other worldwide. North Korea controls all information in the country and because of this the people only know what the government wants them to know.

South Korean Takeover:

No, I’m not saying this is definite but it is certainly something to watch out for. With Trump on pace to start a trade war with China, he might lose them as an ally with North Korea. That leaves the United States without a major ally in this fight for Korea. Knowing this Kim Jong-un could be planning a more aggressive move towards South Korea. Armed with missiles, he could certainly make a push for South Korea. To this point, we have seen no evidence of this. North Korea could not accomplish this with without the backing of China due to the fact America would move to back South Korea immediately and even with China, this would be a tall task.

The Trump effect:

Since Trump has taken office he has been strong with his stance on North Korea. He has not backed down from Kim Jong-un even calling him “Rocket Man”. As we reported days ago high-level officials in the Trump administration are nervous because in meetings Trump is constantly alluding to him wanting to end the situation in Korea through war.

Report: Deep State leaks “harshest assessments of Trump” after North Korea meetings

Although I would never trust Kim Jong-un he might be realizing that with Donald Trump as President his threats are leading him towards the end of the Kim regime in North Korea.

As I was working on this article Donald Trump tweeted about this exact topic.

Notice Trump’s language in this tweet. He does not come to any conclusions he rather threatens Kim Jong-un. He says we like that Kim Jong-un wants to talk but if it is only to continue the evil regime’s agenda then he will deal with the consequences.

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