Gun Control Negotiations Fall Apart – GOP Senator Walks Out

A gun control deal was announced last week.

The deal quickly faced backlash from Conservatives over the controversial addition of red flag laws.

We reported on it at the time.

A Look At The New Bipartisan Gun Control Deal

It has now seemingly fallen apart.

Republican senator John Cornyn walked out of the gun control meeting saying he was “done.”

Although a framework of a deal was released the specifics clearly weren’t agreed on.

From The Daily Mail:

Republican senator John Cornyn of Texas said he was ‘done’ as he walked out of Thursday’s closed-door session of gun law negotiations after nearly two hours, saying he was flying home.

‘This is the hardest part because at some point, you just got to make a decision. And when people don’t want to make a decision, you can’t accomplish the result. And that’s kind of where we are right now,’ Mr Cornyn said.

‘I’m not frustrated, I’m done,’ he added, though he said he was open to continued discussions.

Lawmakers said they remained divided over how to define abusive dating partners who would be legally barred from purchasing firearms.

Disagreements were also unresolved over proposals to send money to states that have ‘red flag’ laws that let authorities temporarily confiscate guns from people deemed dangerous by courts, and to other states for their own violence prevention programs.

The deal has been questioned by GOP senators behind the scenes.

From Axios:

Behind the scenes: At Tuesday’s private Senate GOP lunch, several senators questioned Cornyn about the proposal and pushed for specific details about what the legislation would entail.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) “very vocally” requested more information from Cornyn on the substance of the framework. Those requests were rebuffed, three sources familiar with the lunch told Axios.
The proposal to incentivize state red flag laws has been especially unpopular among conservatives. Sens. Crapo, Cruz and others have voiced their concerns to leadership about it potentially becoming too easy to strip Americans of their right to bear arms.
And Scott, the chairman of the Senate Republicans’ campaign arm, feels snubbed by the bipartisan group after holding early talks with Cornyn and Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.).

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