GP: Obama holdovers leak info to NYT, claims “razor thin” evidence of crimes

According to the Gateway Pundit Obama holdovers in the Trump Administration selectively leaked information regarding the attacks on Qasem Soleimani.

Gateway Pundit:

The Deep State is once again trying to damage President Trump with selective leaks to the left-wing media.

Two ‘sources’ who had intelligence briefings (Obama holdovers) about the strike that killed Iranian military officials leaked portions of the briefings to the New York Times in order to push the narrative that President Trump authorized a drone strike that killed top Iran commander Soleimani with “razor thin” evidence that an attack on American targets was imminent.

Make sure you read the full Gateway Pundit article as well as this one. For starters, we must look to the Iraq War and how The New York Times covered it. What was the weakness that the New York Times showed before the War? The weakness was their reliance on Deep State sources in the government. At the time the sources were pro-war people within the Bush White House. They ran whatever they wanted them to and because of it helped push lies that brought us to war. This time the deep state apparatus has three sides.

The first side is the Neo-cons. There is no question that Neo-cons are in the Trump Administration and have pushed the President to war since the beginning. Even though Trump fired the top dogs(McMaster, Bolton) the people they bring in can still remain. You also have people deep in all the intelligence agencies who simply want us to go to war with Iran.

The second side is the Obama holdovers. These are people that will simply do anything to make Trump look bad. This leak above is clearly that. They claim not only was the evidence to move in “razor-thin” but that it was chaotic when announced.

The third is the Trump wing. These people are few and far between and much smaller than the two I mentioned above(pretty crazy that Trump’s own Administration is staffed with people who detest his foreign policy worldview) These people simply have no interest in getting involved in things overseas that aren’t in America’s direct interest. (I think this bombing was likely supported by this wing as well)

The New York Times will only ever use the top two groups as sources. They will use the Neo-cons when it hurts Trump. If he signals a pull out they will run headline after headline bashing the President’s decision. These certainly will come from the Neo-cons camp. For this article, the New York Times would never have sourced the Neo-cons. By sourcing the Neo-cons they would have been backing up President Trump.

So for these leaks, they used the Obama holdovers.

We have no clue what evidence will be found but what we do know is that a clearer picture will emerge in the months to come.

We do know two major things already:

Pentagon: Soleimani approved attacks on U.S. Embassy
Soleimani Planned and Financed Terrorist Attack on US Benghazi Consulate

Both of these things are enough in my view to warrant the killing of him.

If this little leak is the best the Deep State could do then I can’t wait for the evidence to blow the New York Times claims out of the water.

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