French Health Authority No Longer Recommending Moderna Vax For Those Under 30

The conspiracy theorists are right again. 

The French Health Authority is no longer recommending the modern vaccine for people under 30.


While the winter period is conducive to the circulation of viruses and the indicators show an epidemic recovery, the HAS reaffirms the importance of vaccination against Covid-19 for those over 12 years old and of the booster dose for populations that she identified [1] . Today, she is giving her opinion on the place of Moderna’s Spikevax ® vaccine in the vaccine strategy after the latter has obtained an extension of Marketing Authorization for the booster. Spikevax® and Comirnaty® from Pfizer are two safe and effective vaccines but studies show a slight superiority of Spikevax® in terms of effectiveness and lower risks of myocarditis for Comirnaty®, especially for people under 30 years of age.

From the end of August, the HAS recommended the administration of a booster dose at least 6 months after the primary vaccination for people 65 years of age and over, as well as for all people with comorbidities increasing the risk. serious forms and death linked to Covid-19, the list of which was defined by the HAS in March 2021. This booster must be done with an mRNA vaccine, regardless of the vaccines administered as a primary vaccination course. It then issued an opinion on October 5 on the Comirnaty® vaccine, which obtained an extension of the MA for a booster dose.

The epidemic is currently marking a resumption of which it is difficult to predict the evolution, but the winter period which is starting, combined with the foreseeable drop in the effectiveness of vaccines in people vaccinated before the summer, once again reminds us of the importance of ” obtain the best possible vaccination coverage for the entire population and in particular for those people most likely to have a severe form of Covid-19 and to maintain a high level of protection by administering a booster dose in the most fragile populations and those most exposed to the virus.

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