Some GOP Lawmakers Want RINOs Who Voted For Infrastructure Bill To Be Stripped Of Committee Assignments

13 RINOs in the House voted with Biden on his radical infrastructure bill. 

He is waiting for them to ensure a nice photo-op when signing the bill.

Biden Waiting For RINOs To Sign Infrastructure Bill

Now, we have this.

Some GOP lawmakers are calling for the 13 RINOs to be stripped of committee assignments for voting for the bill.

From Business Insider:

Republican leaders in the US House of Representatives are expecting a bid to punish the 13 Republicans who voted for President Joe Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill by stripping them of committee assignments, according to a report.

Punchbowl News reported that some Republican lawmakers were determined to take action against the 13, several of whom are ranking members or senior Republicans on House committees or subcommittees.

The report did not detail what level of support the move might have as of Tuesday morning.

Under House rules, a party’s steering committee has the power to recommend that a lawmaker be removed from committee assignments, which is then subject to a vote by the caucus and the full House.

How can we trust these RINOs with committees if they stabbed their voters in the back already?

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