Clinton Confronted Over Dem Who Incited Violence At Trump Rallies

Dem Operative Bob Creamer was exposed in 2016 for hiring agitators to incite violence at Trump rallies.

From Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

More recently, Creamer and others tied to Democracy Partners got caught in 2016 on undercover video in Wisconsin talking about hiring agitators to create havoc at campaign rallies for then-GOP candidate Donald Trump and other political dirty tricks. Creamer, in response, said he was “stepping back” from working for the unified Democratic campaign for then-candidate Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton was confronted over this by a Project Veritas reporter.

From Project Veritas:

  • Hillary Clinton was approached by Project Veritas reporters seeking comment on Shirley Teter being ordered by a Federal Judge to pay Project Veritas’ legal costs from a defamation suit stemming from a 2016 investigation into Democracy Partners.
  • Formerly ran by Bob Creamer, Democracy Partners is a political organization with ties to the Democratic Party that was exposed for inciting violence at campaign rallies. After Project Veritas published its investigation, Creamer resigned, saying “I am unwilling to become a distraction to the important task of electing Hilary Clinton.”
  • When asked if she would pay the legal costs ordered by a federal judge on behalf of Teter, Clinton repeatedly denied knowing anything about Teter, Democracy Partners, or Creamer saying “I don’t understand that. I don’t know Bob Creamer.”
  • When pressed further, Clinton declined to state if she would pay for Teter’s legal bills, including when approached by a separate Project Veritas reporter when leaving the National Action Network luncheon event where Clinton spoke.


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