FLASHBACK-Poll: 38% of Police Officers believe decline in parenting, family values biggest cause of gun violence in US

    A survey conducted by Police One in 2013 surveyed over 15,000 law enforcement professionals and found that 38% blame the decline of the family to the cause of gun violence in the United States.

    Police One:

    While some officers say gun violence in the United States stems from violent movies and video games (14 percent), early release and short sentencing for violent offenders (14 percent) and poor identification/treatments of mentally-ill individuals (10 percent), the majority (38 percent) blame a decline in parenting and family values.

     Now, obviously, Gun Violence and mass shootings are two separate issues but it is important to keep this in mind when discussing both. Adam Lanza of Sandy Hook and Nikolas Cruz of Parkland both had issues regarding the breakdown in the family structure and it likely led to their ability to commit these atrocities. I also think it’s interesting to point out that Law Enformcent deemed the ability for people to buy guns as one of the lowest causes of gun violence with only 4.4% responding with that. They also, however, said poor identification and treatment of individuals with mental illness is a something that needs to be fixed.

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