FLASHBACK-Poll: 81% of Law Enforcement say gun buyback programs are “ineffective” in reducing “gun violence”

A Police One Poll from 2013 surveyed over 15,000 law enforcement officers. One of the questions asked in this survey was,

Do you believe gun buyback or turn-in programs can be or have been effective in reducing the level of gun violence?

Here is how they responded.

Police One:

More than four in five respondents (81 percent) say that gun-buyback programs are ineffective in reducing gun violence.

This is an aspect of gun control nobody talks about. Even if laws were passed to get rid of AR-15’s would that actually successfully do anything to reduce gun violence. As we pointed out in past reports the DOJ in 2004 did a study showcasing that the Assualt Rifle Ban of the 90’s did little to nothing to reduce gun crime in America.We also reported that in 2016 more people were killed by fist and feet than any kind of rifle.

It seems that not only would a gun buyback program be an infringement on the rights of Americans but it would also be an ineffective solution to the gun problem as a whole.

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