Federal Judge Upholds Home Depot’s Ban On BLM Logos On Workers Aprons

Home Depot banned workers from displaying BLM logos on their aprons – they were sued.

Home Deport was accused by the National Labor Relations Board of “selectively” enforcing their uniform code to target BLM.

A federal judge just allowed the rule to stay stating it was an appropriate enforcement of the company’s uniform code.

From Just The News:

Afederal administrative law judge has upheld Home Depot’s ban on workers placing Black Live Matters logos on their work aprons, saying it was an appropriate enforcement of the company’s uniform code and not an infringement of labor rights.

Judge Paul Bogas overruled the National Labor Relations Board argument that the retailer’s ban on BLM imagery on work gear infringed worker’s political and labor rights.

“For the reasons previously discussed with respect to the Respondent’s nationwide interpretation of the dress code prohibition, BLM messaging is not inherently concerted,” the judge wrote Friday. “Nor does it have an objective, and sufficiently direct, relationship to terms and conditions of employment to fall within the mutual aid and protection clause.”

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