Soros Prosecutor Removed From Case For “Deliberately Misleading The Court And The Public”


Buta Biberaj, the Soros-backed in the Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney office has been removed from a case by a federal judge for “deliberately misleading the Court and the public.”

This comes after the prosecutor was seeking a plea agreement for a serial burglary suspect. The suspect was arrested on five warrants charging him with three misdemeanors. The judge says the Soros prosecutor said in the plea agreement that the crimes were committed within hours of each other – this is false. The crimes were committed over the span of 10 days.

From Fox5DC:

A Loudoun County judge has removed the county’s Commonwealth’s Attorney office from a criminal case saying the office has shown an inability to prosecute the case with professional standards, and is “deliberately misleading the Court and the public” in effort to “sell” a plea agreement.

According to the order, obtained by FOX 5’s Lindsay Watts, Plowman says the Commonwealth’s Attorney office sought a plea deal for a serial burglary suspect while downplaying and even omitting his prior criminal past and current charges in other jurisdictions.

Plowman writes that the plea agreement by Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Michele Burton states that the crimes occurred within hours of each other, not over the course of days or weeks. Plowman calls the assessment “entirely inaccurate,” because the defendant is accused of “a possible 12 burglary crime spree spanning four counties over ten days.”

Legal experts are pointing out just how rare this is.

Here is a look at the court document:


This is not the first time Biberaj has been exposed.

A former prosecutor who wishes to remain anonymous said Biberaj  “pushed to bond people out in domestic violence cases…Buta pushes to let people out generally.”

Indictments in the country have dropped 67% since Biberaj was elected.

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