FAKE NEWS: Leftist media push false statistic in wake of Parkland Shooting

The Mainstream Media fell once again for a blatantly false statistic. This time the statistic came from an anti-gun lobby funded by Micheal Bloomberg.

Here is the fact check from Breitbart:

For example, in Everytown for Gun Safety’s breakdown of the alleged shootings, it is evident that eight of the 18 incidents did not result in any injuries or fatalities. Of the remaining 10 alleged shootings, Everytown lists two as an “attempted or completed suicide, with no intent to injure other person.” One of the suicides occurred in the bathroom of an Arizona school and the second in the parking lot of a Michigan school. No one else was injured in either incident.

Of the remaining eight incidents, Everytown lists one as a “gun fired unintentionally.” Of the remaining seven, where a gun was fired to harm others, at least one of the incidents was a single shot fired following an early morning fight at Wake Forest University. One shooting happened outside a Louisiana high school resulting in a 14-year-old receiving an “superficial” wound, and another resulted in a 15-year-old girl being wounded by a 16-year-old boy.

When suicides, accidental discharges, purposeful shootings without injuries, and purposeful shootings with only “superficial” wounds are counted as school shootings on par with the attack on Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School or Columbine, then we have reached a point when the phrase “school shootings” can connote anything.

I don’t think anyone is shocked by the leftist media using such a misleading claim to boost the statistics on school shootings. The left can’t help itself because they need the facts to be as gruesome as possible so that they can gain traction on their Gun Control agenda. Now, this obviously doesn’t take away from just how awful these school shootings are but trying to make up your own numbers to fit your narrative does nothing to fix the problem.


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