Report: Trump supports 25 cent gas tax to pay for infrastructure plan

A new scoop from Johnathan Swan from Axios says that Donald Trump supports a 25 cent gas tax to pay for his 1.5 Trillion dollar infrastructure plan.


President Trump endorsed a 25-cent gas tax hike to pay for infrastructure at a White House meeting this morning with senior administration officials and members of Congress from both parties, according to two sources with direct knowledge. Trump also said he was open to other ways to pay for infrastructure, according to a source with direct knowledge. 

Reality check: Trump’s gas tax idea appears dead on arrival. Republicans aren’t about to hike taxes for the Trump voters driving their pickup trucks to work every day. It’s a regressive tax and in Republicans’ minds would undo some of working and middle class tax cuts they just passed.

So we have a few things to look here. The first is if its a good way to pay for Infrastructure spending. My answer to that would be yes. Cars on the road are using the infrastructure so the more you use the roads the more you would pay through the gas tax. This doesn’t mean however that I support this initiative. Republicans just gave working-class families a big beautiful tax cut. Taking that money back by forcing them to pay more for gas is an awful idea.

Trump needs to look in the mirror and realize forcing Americans to front the bill for infrastructure is a poor idea. He needs to allow the States to handle their own infrastructure issues and make sure they create as many jobs within their own communities as possible. Privatising infrastructure wouldn’t be a bad idea either if handled at the State level.

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