Experts: Donald Trump’s State Of The Union helped push stock market back up

The day of the State Of The Union saw the stock market take a decent size hit. Since Trump took office he has praised the fact that the Stock Market is as strong as ever under him. The slight drop worried many because they are waiting for a stock market crash. Well, the morning after Trump’s State Of The Union saw the stock market begin to rise again.

Market Watch:

U.S. stock futures were set to rise firmly higher on Wednesday, putting the Dow on track to recover some of its roughly 540 points lost over the past two days.

Strategists said President Donald Trump’s relatively subdued, and less inflammatory, State of the Union address could be helping the investing mood, as traders brace for a Federal Reserve statement, more earnings reports and a raft of economic data.

Now, before writing on this I wanted to see how the Market ended.

Yesterday the Dow Jones jumped 72 points and ended at 26,149.39. This is another strange event for the Stock Market. Presidents rarely ever are directly responsible for the Stock Market they reside over. That has not been the case as it pertains to Donald Trump’s Presidency. Every action that is taken by Trump impacts the stock market. We have seen the stock market drop thanks to a false ABC story.We have also seen the Stock Market have a jolt since the day he was elected. This report gives us more evidence of Trump’s impact over the stock market. After an extremely successful State Of The Union businessmen and investors are back feeling confident in the state of the American economy.

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