Donald Trump stop destroying your base

    As many of you may know I have been supportive of Trump so far throughout his young Presidency. I have enjoyed his attempt to restore America and to be the voice for the voiceless. With that being said I have a duty to call him out when he messes up and mess up he has.

    I have been pretty consistent since the beginning of the election warning Donald Trump about Paul Ryan. He is a snake in the grass waiting to destroy Trump. Nobody was happy when Trump decided to openly support Paul Ryans healthcare plan. The bill was Obamacare lite and it did nothing to help his loyal supporters. Still, we didn’t blow it out of proportion. We realized it was better than Obamacare and would stop the collapse of Obamacare that is now going to follow.

    Once it became clear that Ryancare would not get enough votes Trump should have dumped Ryan. Like a girlfriend who you has treated you bad for so long Trump should’ve handed Ryan his bags and walked away. This is what I expected Trump to do.

    Instead, Trump has continued his alliance with Ryan.

    Tweeting out this earlier this morning:

    This is complete disregard for his supporters.

    Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire paints this picture beautifully:

    “This isn’t a strategy. It’s puerile idiocy. Some of Trump’s most ardent supporters have been urging Trump to walk across the aisle in order to work with Democrats – but the same tweet targeting the Freedom Caucus for potential 2018 primaries also targets Democrats. Let’s do some simple math. There are 246 Republicans in Congress. Trump needs 218 Congresspeople to pass anything. There are 30 members of the Freedom Caucus – and there are 10 to 15 moderates who weren’t fond of Trumpcare. So by alienating every Freedom Caucus member and attacking Democrats too, Trump has mathematically deprived himself of a majority in Congress.

    Furthermore, the entire Trumpcare debacle reeks of kabuki theater: Trump pushes a bill he knows is going to go down, then immediately turns on his right flank in order to move to the populist center. Only it’s incompetent kabuki theater, because Democrats aren’t interested in working with Trump: they just want to jerk him around for a couple years, prevent him from passing anything meaningful, and then take back Congress in 2018.”

    The Freedom Caucus is not your enemy. The Freedom Caucus is there to protect you and the American people from Paul Ryans agenda. The support of the Freedom Caucus is necessary for you to have a successful presidency.

    President Trump do not follow Paul Ryan off the cliff. He has his own interest in mind. He has the destruction of you on his mind. President Trump remember who had your back during the election. Remember who had your back when it seemed as if you had no chance to win the Presidency. It was not Ryan. Ryan was attacking you. It was your loyal supporters. They showed up to the polls and cast the ballot with your name on it. They were your backbone.

    We love the job you have been doing President Trump but that doesn’t mean we are going to blindly support you. If you slap us in the face we will call you out on it.

    You haven’t made many mistakes so far in your presidency Mr. Trump but this is one mistake that could destroy you.

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