Devin Nunes: “Democrats aren’t serious about investigation”

    According to Bradd Jaffy of NBC News, Devin Nunes told reporters that the Democrats don’t seem serious about the investigation.

    Here is the tweet:

    Well, I think Nunes is being polite here. It is clear that the Democrats have officially seen the idiocy in the Trump Russia scandal and are trying to keep the narrative alive. They are doing this by attacking the legitimacy of the investigation. They realize if a fair investigation turns up nothing they are all but done for. In fact there repeated pushing of the narrative and a call for an investigation has instead turned up the skeletons the past administration left in their closet.

    Article on what skeletons lie in the Democrats closet. 

    If they can throw the legitimacy of the investigation under the bus then they can continue to talk Russia without repercussion for their baseless claim.

    Nunes isn’t going to let that happen. As Nunes states the investigation will go on with them or without them. The investigation will leave no stone left unturned and all actions will be based off facts.

    Hopefully, this investigation is completed rather soon. I am tired of watching the MSM blatantly attack Nunes and the back-up the extreme lefts most senile members. It is clear who won this exchange and the winner doesn’t surprise me one bit.

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