Democratic Congressman thinks your money belongs to the U.S Government

    Anti-Trump Ted Lieu took to Twitter to let everyone know what he thinks of your money.

    Let’s start by breaking this down. Basically, Lieu is admitting to his socialist ideas. The reason others will be getting more of tax-cut is that they pay more in taxes. The idea somebody would be upset that someone got “more of a tax cut” is not a healthy way for a society to function. Lieu is already trying to energize his base for them not to like the Tax Plan.

    Luckily a Twitter patriot called him out on it.

    This is where things get crazy.

    Basically, Ted Lieu admits that he thinks your money all belongs to the government. He puts out a basic question. How do you think we fund law enforcement and firefighters through voluntary, personal donations? Of course, that funding is from tax-payers. Here is the problem. That money is not Ted Lieus. That money is not the federal governments. That money is not the state governments. That money is the Tax Payers.

    Ted Lieu couldn’t help but show the American Tax-Payers how much he despises this Tax Cut. He hates the fact you are keeping your money. He hates the fact that he will be forced to spend less of your money.

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