BOOM: 2017 strongest year for consumer sentiment in the twenty-first century!

According to The University of Michigan, consumer sentiment was at its highest since 2000 in 2017.


The University of Michigan said Friday that on average consumer sentiment in 2017 was at its highest level since 2000. Low unemployment and stronger than expected economic growth have helped boost U.S. household optimism about the economy.

December registered a small decline in consumer sentiment, the University of Michigan said. The index slipped to 95.9, down from 98.5 and 100.7 in October, which as the highest reading since 2004.

Americans are still very happy with current economic conditions. The index tracking current conditions ticked up a bit in December to 113.8 from 113.5. But the index for expectations about the future fell to 84.3. This was 88.9 in November.

Few things to note about these findings. The first is that people have a ton of faith in Donald Trump and what he can do for the economy. Consumer sentiment was on its way down as Obama left office but rose in his last month due to the election of Donald Trump.

The next thing is that this number is only going to rise. With the new tax plan being unveiled. The GOP Tax Plan is still polling with low numbers due to the fact the American people are being lied to by the Mainstream Media and don’t actually understand what is in the Tax Plan. Once that changes and the American people realize the Tax Cut they’ll receive they will be more even more excited about the economy.

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