Dem PAC Throws $50M Into Battleground States For 2022

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The Democrats are in complete disarray.

29 House Democrats have already retired ahead of midterms. Biden’s polling is in the tank. Even the DNC Chair is eying an early exit.

They know a red wave is coming.

They are now dumping big money into key states ahead of midterms.

A Democrat Super PAC just dumped $50 million to help Democrats maintain control in 2022.

From Breitbart:

A Democrat super PAC on Monday announced an allotment of $50 million towards battleground states, a sum designated to help Democrats retain control of all three branches of government in 2022.

Priorities USA, a PAC founded by two former Barack Obama aides that influenced the 2018 and 2020 elections, has allocated $30 million to crucial swing states for digital ad campaigns, Politico reported. The states include Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and New Hampshire.

The PAC has also apportioned $20 million to fight election integrity efforts in states that have passed legislation in opposition to voter fraud. The money will also be used to fund a coalition of Democrats who worked to elect Joe Biden in 2020.

Guy Cecil (pictured: inset), chairman of Priorities USA, told Politico he is worried about Biden’s low approval rating of 33 percent and believes throwing money at the problem may improve the president’s favorability.

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