Comedian Unloads On CNN–Calls Them “Treasonous”

Comedian Bill Burr let Americans know he is not a fan of CNN.

During an episode on his podcast, he called CNN “f–king treasonous un-American pieces of s–t.”

From New York Post:

Bill Burr savaged CNN anchors this week as moronic, America-hating blowhards who secretly covet a second Trump presidency because he’s good for ratings.

“I swear to God, I cannot believe people watch that channel. They’re so dumb,” blared the bombastic comedian and “The Mandalorian” star in a blistering, foul-mouthed rant on his podcast this week.

“They’re f–king treasonous un-American pieces of s–t,” Burr, 53, said of the news network.

Burr’s outburst aired on the Thursday edition of his “Bill’s Monday Morning Podcast.” He launched into his anti-CNN tirade around the 15-minute mark.


Another bombshell tape from Project Veritas.

CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester was caught on tape admitting that they used propaganda to get Trump removed from office.

Chester also said that they will begin doing the same thing as it pertains to Climate Change.

Liz Wheeler gave a great breakdown of what was in the video:

Just more proof that the mainstream media is fake news.

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