CNN: Yemen raid was actually successful

    Well, it seems like Trump wasn’t lying when he said the Yemen raid was a success. The mainstream media was quick to hail this attack a failure and try and bash Trump over it. CNN broke the story that the US gathered a lot of intelligence from this raid and is now using it to attack al Qaeda in Yemen. Things that they gathered in the mission:

    More AL Qaeda strongholds

    Recruiting, Training and Targeting intel

    non-detectable bomb manufacturing

    Well, it looks like the mainstream media got caught once again creating narrative before actually knowing the facts.  While they were calling the mission a failure, Trump was standing behind this operation. Trump was right once again. Now the fact a Navy Seal died on this mission is something we should all feel awful about. We should be supportive of the family and make sure that they understand America will never forget them. With that being said that does not make the entire mission a failure, it instead makes his sacrifice worth so much more.

    Video Below is coverage from CNN:


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