America’s second gravest threat: Mexican Drug Cartels

    90 percent of heroin consumed in the United States has been linked back to Mexico and their Drug Cartels. This comes from the Washington Free Beacon which got their info from a recent State Department report.

    Now this news is not shocking by any means. The Drug Cartels have been a dark cloud over Mexico for quite some time. These Cartels have control over local law enforcement and are at this point too big for the government to even shut down. They rule through fear and will eliminate anyone who stands in their way. A cop attempts to investigate them, he ends up dead. Civilians double cross them then they mysteriously go missing. These Cartels are dangerous and should be treated so by our government. They should be looked at as a terrorist organization. Statics show they kill enough to be considered a terrorist group. They have murdered their fair share of people but most of the damage they do in the United states is second-hand killing. They transport Heroin and opioid pills into America and this leads to many deaths every year.

    Drug overdose deaths 1999-2015


    Data above From the National Instiute of Drug Abuse

    As you can see Heroin is becoming an ever increasing problem in America. It has far surpassed Cocaine and is responsible for more deaths than guns every year. As bad as that is, Opioid abuse is even worse. It is the highest killer on this list claiming over 30,000 lives in 2015. (Heroin is considered an opioid). Many people choose to blame doctors for their over-prescribing of pain meds. They give patients way more than the needed amount and this turns into abuse of these drugs. People use and use them and in turn, they become addicted. This opioid addiction can also be traced back to the Cartels as well. They have begun to import Fentanyl for people’s recreational use. This is a dream come true for painkiller addicts due to its potency. Assistant Secretary of State William Brownfield had this to say about Fentanyl.

    “Fentanyl is 10-50 times as potent as Heroin and in certain cities, Chicago comes to mind, where in one single evening, due to a poorly advertised batch of Fentanyl, we lost more than 30 people in a single night.”

    A drug of this potency has no business being used recreationally and needs to be kept off the streets. It has led to the giant uptake in opioid deaths and is becoming the killer that nobody talks about.

    So how can we fix this?

    The fix is that we need to actually start the war on drugs. Everybody loves to point to the fact that the “War on drugs” never worked. I make the argument it has never actually begun. Our Government chose to fix the war by policing our country. They locked users up for a long time and took down the dealers on the American side of things. The issue is that they never actually attacked anyone in the Cartels. They took out the little guys and ignored the guys who actually mattered. Trump needs to put a stop to this. We need to bring the war on drugs to them. We must first tighten our border security. Anybody coming in and out must be extensively checked for drugs. (The Wall will help). Once the border is secure we must work with the Mexican government to eradicate them in Mexico. This can be accomplished in a few ways. The first being the strengthening of local police forces in Mexico. Many of these Cartels run parts of Mexico because the Police just aren’t strong enough to defeat them. These Cartels have more men, money and better weapons. America has the ability to change that. Pairing American agents with the Mexican military and police forces will be a deadly enough combination to begin the clean-up of this drug ridden country.

    Mexican drug cartels need to be treated as a huge threat to America. Their drugs kill thousands of people every year and ruin the lives of the ones they don’t kill. Mr. Trump, it is time to put a stop to this nonsense and stop these people from killing Americans.

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