Trump is sending Obama a message

    Trump sent out a barrage of tweets this morning that was directed straight at Obama. These tweets were bringing attention to the fact Trump was wiretapped by the Obama administration. For the purpose of this article, we will break these tweets down piece by piece.

    This was the first big tweet he sent out. Not only does he call out Obama for wiretapping him but he also uses the term McCarthyism. McCarthyism comes from former senator Joseph McCarthy. Senator McCarthy is best known for his extreme hate for communism and the extreme purge he went on through America because of it. He blacklisted people claiming they were communist even though he had no evidence to back that claim up. I thought it was brilliant to add this comparison at the end because, let’s face it, the mainstream media and radical left use these exact same tactics in today’s society. Using terms like racist, sexist and homophobic to brand people that disagree with their views in a certain bad light. They have yet to find any credible evidence of wrongdoing up to this point and are pretty much praying they find something.


    This tweet once again shows the pure hypocrisy in the extreme lefts anti-Russia campaign. These same people who are making a huge deal out of the Trump administration’s ties to Russia have their own “ties” to Russia but the mainstream media won’t tell you much about that.



    I don’t expect much legal action to be taken over this. Former Presidents are rarely ever held accountable for actions that were taken during their presidency and the Washington establishment won’t let one of their own get in any form of trouble. All Trump is trying to do with this is to make sure people understand the severity of a threat Obama is and legal action would certainly taint Obama’s legacy.


    Democrats made a statement comparing Trump to Nixon and Russia to Watergate so Trump responded in a way that only Trump can. The difference between Watergate and Russia lefties is that there was actually evidence behind Watergate.

    I called this just two days ago in my first article about the Obama administration and their attempt to sabotage Trump. I talked about the fact that slowly more and more evidence was going to come out pointing directly at Obama. This is another piece of evidence that points to Obama and the war he is declaring against Trump. Don’t worry though we have just scratched the surface in terms of evidence being leaked against Obama. Trump and his administration know everything that Obama is trying to do before they do it and are going to leak things to the public at just the right time.

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