CNN Associate Producer: Americans are “Stupid as Sh*t”

Jame O’Keefe dropped another bombshell on CNN this time he catches CNN Associate Producer Jimmy Carr claiming the American people are “Stupid as Sh*t”. He also went on to say that 90% of the employees at CNN think Trump is crazy. Now, this should raise concerns for people in both parties. This proves that CNN’s “journalist”, producers and on-air personalities can care less about you. They don’t care that the America people voted in Donald Trump. They don’t care that people are watching them hoping to get “real news”. All they care about is promoting themselves and their anti-American liberal agenda. These CNN hosts are only in the business to make a name for themselves not give you the real news. The second thing this showcases is that they have an extreme hatred for Donald Trump. The type of words used by Jimmy Carr are words of extreme hatred and disgust. He himself uses baseless claims to claim Trump is unstable. There is nothing and I mean nothing that shows Trump is unstable. However, there are many reasons to suspect that members of the media are unstable. Not too long ago CNN employee Kathy Griffin held up a bloodied decapitated Donald Trump head. Just days ago CNN’s White House Correspondent Jim Acosta had a meltdown in The White House over the fact his face wouldn’t be on camera. These are just a few examples of the mental instability Trump has caused the employees of CNN. The video below showcases why CNN is an enemy of the America people and why they should never be trusted.




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