Claim: Vaping makes you more susceptible to Cornonavirus

According to experts interviewed by CBS, Vaping is likely making people more susceptible to getting Coronavirus.


In a press briefing on Monday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio revealed that, despite the fact that older people are generally most at risk of serious illness from coronavirus, one of the current cases in New York is an otherwise healthy 22-year-old man.

“Why is a 22-year-old man stable but hospitalized at this point? The one factor we know of is he is a vaper,” de Blasio said. “So, we don’t know of any preexisting conditions, but we do think the fact that he is a vaper is affecting this situation.”

On Monday, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reiterated its guidance that older Americans and people with medical conditions like cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and chronic lung disease are most susceptible to coronavirus. People who are immunosuppressed because they have cancer or they’re on a type of medication that weakens their immune system are also more at risk. 

But if what Mayor de Blasio is saying is true — if vaping is a factor in contracting the coronavirus illness, known as COVID-19 — then that could affect a huge group of Americans.

“Well, if there was ever a reason to quit, here’s another one,” Dr. Tara Narula, a CBS News medical contributor and a board certified cardiologist at New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital, said Tuesday on “CBS This Morning.” “Anything that’s going to compromise your lungs is going to increase your risk of being susceptible. We know that smoking decreases your ability to really fight infection.” 

Dr. Joanna Cohen, of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, agrees.

“We know through the deaths and severe respiratory illnesses that we had this summer that there’s certainly lung injury happening to vapers,” she told CBS News. “And if your lungs are injured, obviously they’re going to have a more difficult time dealing with other challenges.” 

Both doctors pointed to early data coming out of China as possible evidence.

“There’s also some initial data out of China,” Cohen said. “They didn’t have vaping, but they had smokers and former smokers, looking at who presented with COVID-19, and they did find that the severity of illness seemed to be associated with being a smoker or former smoker. Again, that would suggest the more lung injury you have might affect the disease severity. So we can’t say for sure, but it’s certainly something to be concerned about.”

Narula also noted that the gender demographics of smoking in China could point to a connection.

“In China, we see more men dying from COVID-19 than women,” she said. “And one of the theories is that 50% of men in China smoke; less than 2% of women smoke. So this smoking may have a real impact.”

Given that individuals with chronic lung disease are especially at risk of contracting COVID-19, it plays to reason that vaping might also make you more susceptible, as it has been shown to cause lung damage.

“We know e-cigarette aerosol contains numerous chemicals that can cause an inflammatory response in the lung tissue,” Dr. Michael B. Steinberg, of the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, told CBS News. “In general, inflammation can lead to tissue damage, cause airway constriction, and has the potential to increase risk of infection. Since the e-cigarette phenomenon is still recent, we just don’t have as well-established information from humans as to the extent of this damage.

I really don’t think that we need experts to prove this point. It is quite obvious that things that effect your lungs will make you less healthy and more likely to get this disease. It is quite obvious that vaping and smoking do impact the overal health of your lungs.

The worst part about this is that it creates an entire new group of people that need to be extremely careful regarding this virus. The Media is pushing a narrative that it is only the oldest among us that have to worry. This is true. However, if vapers and smokers also must worry then the need to keep this virus away from people becomes even more essential.

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