Christopher Steele claims his Dossier is 70 To 90 Percent Accurate but that claim is misleading

    According to a new book from The Guardian’s Luke Harding Steele claims his Trump-Russia Dossier is 70-90% accurate.

    The Daily Caller:

    The author of the anti-Trump dossier believes that the salacious document is highly accurate, according to a book set to be published on Thursday.

    Christopher Steele, a former MI6 officer who authored the dossier, has told friends and associates that he believes that the dossier is between 70 and 90 percent accurate, according to Guardian reporter Luke Harding.

    Harding’s forthcoming book, “Collusion: How Russia Helped Donald Trump Win,” quotes Steele as expressing confidence in his work to acquaintances.

    “I’ve been dealing with this country for thirty years. Why would I invent this stuff?” Steele is quoted as saying of his work in Russia.

    The left is likely going to use this to claim the Dossier is a reputable source and claim it equals collusion. Here is the issue with this way of thinking. We know that parts of the Dossier are accurate. The idea behind the Dossier was to mix in small truths with larger falsehoods. The Russian’s who sourced this made sure of it. Let’s add in some truths about certain legal meetings between a Trump associate and a Russian and then throw in propaganda like Trump getting pissed on by hookers. It is so funny to me that these people cry about Russia all the time yet when we have actual Russian Propaganda they are so willing to fall prey to it.

    Steele, you compiled a Dossier that even you now admit has falsehoods. You were offered $50,000 to verify the biggest claims in the Dossier, you couldn’t do it. It is time to stop hiding behind this Dossier and inform the people of the truth.

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