Christina Hagan calls to stop sending money overseas, put armed guards in schools

In an interview with Breitbart News, NRA endorsed Christina Hagan laid out her policy position on how to fund keeping schools safe.


So we’ve actually put forth a policy idea that we would champion when getting into the federal legislature and it has nothing to do with stripping law-abiding citizens of their rights. [Americans’] Second Amendment rights should be absolutely upheld and protected to the very extent that they’re not breaking them. [Emphasis added]

As it looks to the future, we need to have an ‘Americans First’ priority. We need to take dollars that we’re sending all over the world to fund other countries to do incredibly silly things like train cashiers in Wal-Marts and take those dollars back to the United States and invest them in our schools. I mean we can have an ‘American First’ agenda by bringing veterans, by bringing law enforcement and having armed security resource officers in our school systems. [Emphasis added]

We just saw a few weeks ago — and there was very little media attention on it — in Maryland, an armed security resource officer who mitigated an armed shooter right out of the gate. So we just need to have the right people that are positioned to put country above self in with our children and that is the solution. The solution isn’t a massive amount of heightened security, you know making our children feel frightened to go to school, but to protect them and have the right people trained to protect them in that environment.

And it’s not a crazy idea. American dollars should be spent on Americans’ safety and security, and if the national security threat is having an armed gunman in our school rooms, then we need to put our children first and stop sending our dollars overseas. [Emphasis added]

Christina Hagan is endorsed by the NRA.

Christina Hagan is an American First candidate who is running in the state’s 16th district against the Republican establishment.

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