TRUMP EFFECT: Macron talks of ‘New Deal’ with Iran

French President Emmanuel Macron announced he wished to work on a ‘New Deal’ with Iran.

The Washington Examiner:

French President Emmanuel Macron told President Trump on Tuesday that he wanted to work on a “new deal” with Iran, opening a pathway to address Iran’s nuclear ambitions without ripping up the current agreement.

The Obama-era nuclear deal with Iran, which Mr. Trump repeatedly threatened to nix and Mr. Macron wants to preserve, is one of the biggest points of disagreement between the two presidents.

“We wish to now to work on a new deal with Iran,” Mr. Macron said at a joint press conference with Mr. Trump.

The French president said his earlier discussions with Mr. Trump “pave the way for a new agreement.”

It was unclear which of the men had modified his stance, although they appeared to agree on the urgent need to crack down on Iran beyond the nuclear deal.

This is a much different tone than the one who Macron has used when discussing the deal in the past. Macron has publicly called for Trump not to leave the Iran Deal but it seems Macron is now on Trump’s side with renegotiating it.

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