Bob Woodward: “This is not yet Watergate”

In an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Bob Woodward poked holes in the idea that Trump and Russia should be compared to Watergate.

Excerpt from The Daily Caller:

While there are a lot of questions still to be answered about potential collusion between the United States and Russia, he said, it “is not yet Watergate.”

“Not a clear crime on the Russia issue,” he explained. “As Senator [Mark] Warner and others have said there are a thousand questions and they should be answered.”

“But there’s no evidence that President Trump, at this point, was somehow involved in collusion here.”

Woodward explained later in the interview that during Watergate, top Nixon advisors were admitting that Nixon had guided a campaign to steal secrets from political opponents, which is just not comparable to what has happened thus far during Trump’s presidency.

Bob Woodward, one of the two investigative reporters to uncover Watergate, is right on the money with his words here. He brilliantly points out that fact that there is no actual evidence to support the comparison to Watergate or the Russia-Trump collusion claims.

This is why I have been rather hesitant to believe many of the MSM’s reporting. There use of anonymous sourcing has been careless, to say the least. A ton of Mainstream media stories have been proven false within days of the stories coming out. You pair this with the left’s constant factless blabbering and you have a narrative that has spun itself out of control.


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