Obama once wrote The American Dream “Is to be Donald Trump”

In an essay that Obama co-authored in college, Obama wrote this:

“I may not be Donald Trump now, but just you wait; if I don’t make it, my children will.”

Far different from Obama’s view of Donald Trump now. I wanted to touch on this because this shows the transformation in Barack Obama from his college and early days in Politics to Barack as President of the United States.

The most telling part of this whole excerpt is, “if I don’t make it, my children will.” This idea is what I fully believe in. You must work so that your children have a better life than you do. When my ancestors first came over from Italy they were very poor. Through hard work, each generation of my family made life better for the next generation. This is the American Dream at its finest. Clearly, a young Obama agreed.

So why was it that Obama campaigned and governed in a completely different way? Why did he constantly blame institution rather than the people themselves?

Well, this is simple. As Obama rose through the ranks of The Democratic Party he went through huge changes. He realized that his way of thinking would not garner him enough support from the base he was attempting to reach. Coming out and saying “You should take responsibility for things” would get him nowhere near enough votes to even make it out of even the Democratic party primary.

So, he conformed to the progressive movement. A movement that uses identity politics and blames the institution rather than taking personal responsibility.

If we look at Obama post presdiency we see he reached the goals he set out for in college. He became rich and his children will have a better life growing up than he did. He obatined this by robbing the base that voted for him.


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