Bob Woodward Chides NYT, Mainstream Media: ‘Fair-Mindedness is Essential’

Daily Caller logoBob Woodward, the reporter who famously broke the Watergate scandal with Carl Bernstein, criticized the media’s open bias towards President Donald Trump Tuesday.

Woodward appeared at a Q&A session following a showing of “All The President’s Men” at Landmark E Street Cinema in Washington, D.C. After an audience member asked what the famed investigative journalist thought of the media’s treatment of Trump, Woodward gave an example in which The New York Times published a list of President’s Trump’s “lies“and miscategorized some of his statements.

“[Number three on the list] was that Trump said he was on the cover of Time magazine 14 or 15 times when it was in fact 11 times … That’s not a lie,” Woodward said, comparing it to someone getting pulled over for speeding and telling the police officer that they were driving the speed limit.

Woodward’s comments come in the wake of a heated debate about whether or not the American people should trust the mainstream media. A Gallup poll released Monday states that Americans’ trust in newspapers is rising at 27 percent, but is still very low compared to confidence in other institutions, like the military at 72 percent and small business at 70 percent.”Tone matters, and headlines matter, and you want people to [trust you],” Woodward said.

“[It] really betrays the anti-Trump media bias,” Woodward said. “I think a kind of brief, deeply fair mindedness is essential, but as essential or maybe more essential is a game plan for reporting this and going to Moscow and finding the bookkeeper,” referencing the Russia investigation and the role of the bookkeeper in “All The President’s Men.”

Woodward has been a consistent voice for journalism in recent months, calling the Buzzfeed dossier “a garbage document” and saying that the Comey investigation was “not yet Watergate,” which contradicted several mainstream claims.

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