BLM Activist Destroys Pro-Trump Stall…Proudly Uploads It To Facebook

Video shows a Black Lives Matter activist attacking a Pro-Trump stall in San Diego, California.

This is just more evidence of violence against those who support President Trump. The truth of the matter is that openly supporting President Trump in America is dangerous.  Everyone knows this is the case. Every week we see multiple attacks on those who support President Trump.

However, the reason it is only getting worse is that those in power are covering up. The Media, celebrities, Democrats, and establishment Republicans all act like this isn’t happening. In fact, they tell us the complete opposite. They push the fake narrative that it is supporters of President Trump who are violent.

This is a frequent tactic of the left. The left takes whatever they are doing and blames the other side for it.

These are some of the most important articles to share. Supporters of President Trump are under attack in America and no one is calling that out.

The best example of this was after the RNC Convention. After the event supporters of President Trump were attacked by violent leftists in the streets. Even a sitting Republican Senator was attacked.

President Trump took to Twitter to call for those who attacked Senator Rand Paul and his wife to be “Immediately Arrested”.

Here is what happened to Rand Paul:

Trump Wants Cops Who Protected Senator Rand Paul To Get A Medal At The White House
MSNBC Doesn’t Denounce Attack On Rand Paul And His Wife
RNC Chair: Mayor Bowser Failed To Protect RNC Attendees Because They Are Republican

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