WATCH: Trump Speaks In Las Vegas, NV

Below is a live link to President Trump speaking in Las Vegas, NV.

Youtube Link:

UFC Ceo Dana White Warms up the crowd:

Trump says the gloves are off:

Joe Biden’s anti-police crusade must stop:

Joe Biden changed his mind on fracking, he doesn’t even know what fracking is:

Our thoughts are with the two sheriff deputies who were shot in Los Angeles, “tonight we send our love and support to their families and we pray to God for their recovery.”

If you murder a police officer, you should receive the death penalty:

Peaceful protesters in Nevada love having a President who fights for them:

“Lock him up!” chant breaks out at Pres. Trump’s rally in Nevada after mentioning Obama.

The enthusiasm and patriotism here at the Trump rally in Las Vegas is incredible

“Tell your governor to open up your state!”

We are developing a vaccine in record time:

Our Hispanic-American population wants LEGAL immigration:

Our Hispanic-American population wants LEGAL immigration:

All Lives Matter Chant Breaks Out:

We have achieved two historic Peace Deals in the Middle East in just the last month:

Massive Crowds showed up!

We will continue to update this article with clips from the speech….

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