Two Men Charged After Firing Shots At Spartanburg County Deputies

Two men have been charged with attempted murder after firing shots at Spartanburg County Deputies.


Two people have been charged with attempted murder after firing shots at Spartanburg County Deputies, the sheriff’s office said on Sunday.

According to a release from the sheriff’s office, deputies from the Uniform Patrol Division were in the parking lot of 150 Accurate Way in Inman Sunday morning around 4:15 a.m. when they heard several gunshots coming from the direction of Interstate 26 East.

The release states that the deputies moved from their positions and heard more gunshots as they notified dispatch that someone was shooting at them.

One deputy who responded to the scene observed a green Camaro driving at high speeds away from the location of the incident, and pulled the vehicle over.

Akymzee Holbert and Tarus Mallory, of Spartanburg, were subsequently arrested. Both have been charged with two counts of Attempted Murder, and one count of Possession of a Weapon during a Violent Crime.

More anti-cop violence fueled by the radical left.

This comes after two sheriff deputies were shot last night in L.A.

Video shows two L.A Sheriff Deputies being shot while sitting in their cars.


A man clad in dark clothing walks up to the parked vehicle at the Metro station, approaches the window on the passenger’s side and fires several times at close range. The suspect then runs off on foot. One deputy is seen emerging from the passenger side and stumbling around on foot for several seconds before the video ends.

Both deputies sustained multiple gunshot wounds and underwent surgery at a local hospital. They were described as alive but in critical condition.

These are the sheriff deputies who were shot:

President Trump took to Twitter to respond:

The shooting of these two sheriff deputies is what happens when an entire political party and the Mainstream Press decide to push an anti-cop agenda. Their fake narratives have put a target on the back of every Law Enforcement official across the country.

This killer is scum. All of those who defend this kind of behavior are scum.

Will Joe Biden and Kamala Harris be forced to talk about this killing? It is their anti-cop rhetoric that has led to these killings.

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