Is Joe Biden Still Planning On Dodging Debates With President Trump?

It has become clear that Democrats don’t want Joe Biden to debate President Trump.

Nancy Pelosi straight up came out and said she didn’t think Joe Biden should debate President Trump.

President Trump’s request for a fourth Presidential debate was denied but there may be a fourth debate if Joe Biden agrees to it.

Commission Denies Trump’s Request For 4th Debate

The Biden campaign is yet to agree to this 4th debate(They likely won’t).

All of this clearly shows that the Democrats are not eager to have Biden to debate. The problem is that they can’t just not debate. If Biden doesn’t debate it will show weakness. It will all but admit every attack President Trump has levied against him. So this means we should expect him to debate right?

Well, an article from American Greatness explains how Joe Biden might be able to dodge debates with President Trump:


There will be some event or development that makes it more desirable for the undecideds and soft Biden supporters to vote for Biden despite his refusal to debate and crappy campaign than it is for them to vote for Trump. The Democrats have a bomb. They have something planned to damage Trump. Of course we know the mail in ballots will help boost Biden’s count, but vote fraud can only help so many percentage points before it looks suspicious. Trump’s entire first term was a series of bombs intended to damage Trump and undermine his legitimacy. The bomb will have to be detonated before the first debate to get Biden out of it and it will have to be damaging enough that Biden won’t have to debate or campaign at all.

The bomb doesn’t have to be true. Remember Harry Reid lied about the despicable Mitt Romney’s taxes. It had its effect. “Romney didn’t win, did he?” snickered the hateful Reid. We will see this move again except it will not be a politician launching a serious accusation against the president, that won’t fly because it happens on an hourly basis these days. Trump’s a RUSSIAN spy, Trump hates the military (LOL), Trump is making money off of the presidency, Trump bites the heads off of kittens…people are numb to it.

The bomb will involve a credentialed agent, a person or persons certified by the lefty-controlled institutions in which regular people still have faith.

I had never thought of this. However, after reading this it makes complete sense to me. We already know that the Democrats are willing to stoop to these lows. Since President Trump took office they have had no problem using hoaxes and lies to smear President Trump.

The only way to stop this is to get the word out. We must have Presidential debates.

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