Biden’s Approvals Sinks To New Low–Of Course The GOP Establishment Wants To Save His Presidency

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We were told Joe Biden got 81 million votes.

We were told that Joe Biden’s approval was over 60%.

Of course, that was all a lie.

Biden’s approval is beginning to reflect his failure of a presidency.

Biden’s approval in FiveThirtyEight has sunk to a new low for him.

Reminder: The FiveThirtyEight aggregate is full of left-wing polls. His approval is likely much lower.

From The Western Journal: 

Joe’s Biden’s approval rating is making it a rough week for the White House when it comes to popular opinion.

The rating is now at 50.3 percent, according to a combination of polls calculated by the political analysis website FiveThirtyEight.

The rating hasn’t hit 51 percent since Aug. 2, since then fluctuating somewhere between point of 50.9 percent Aug. 3 to 50.2 on Saturday and Monday. On Tuesday, it was 50.4 percent. Collectively, the week marks the lowest point since Biden took office.

Any competent political party would use this as a way to get their agenda through even when they are not in control of any branch of government.

They would be pointing out these failures and prepare for a midterm election in which they have blowout victories.

Not the establishment GOP.

They have decided that they will give Joe Biden a win.

19 RINOs Vote With Dems In Favor Of Infrastructure Bill

McConnell even praised Biden over it.

RINO Mitch McConnell Praises Biden Over Infrastructure Bill

GOP voters should never forget this.

The GOP establishment will fight to save Biden BEFORE they would fight for their own voters.

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