19 RINOs Vote With Dems In Favor Of Infrastructure Bill

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The GOP stabs its base in the back again.

19 RINOs just voted with Dems to pass the so-called “Infrastructure Bill.”



From a GOP Consultant:

Tucker Carlson also exposed the bill.

From Bizpacreview:

On Friday, Carlson also called out the 17 Republicans who voted then with 49 Democrats to advance the bill for debate and passage.

“It’s 2,700 pages long. It would cost more than a trillion dollars. It will not pay for itself, despite what they told you,” he said. “And much of it has nothing whatsoever to do with infrastructure. Meaning fixing our crumbling roads and bridges and airports and train stations and all the rest that embarrasses America.”

“Instead, this bill will make science denial official, it will enshrine gender identity in federal law,” he added. “It will allow the government to track your driving. Why? So they can charge you a fee for every mile you go. This in addition to the gas tax.”

Trump has issued many warnings on this bill.

Here are just a few:

“Maybe It Dies In The House!”–Trump Responds To Senate RINOs Infrastructure Support

“Beginning Of The Green New Deal”–Trump Blasts RINO Supported Infrastructure Bill

“I Don’t Have To Be Quiet Anymore”–Trump Rips Into Mitch McConnell

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