Ben Shapiro: Supreme Court decision on not to intervene on DACA “good for Trump politically”

In an article, he wrote on his own website The Daily Wire Ben Shapiro explained why it was actually good for Trump politically that the Supreme Court isn’t going to intervene on the lower court ruling which claimed that the Trump administration couldn’t take action on DACA.

The Daily Wire:

But the Supreme Court’s rejection is actually a win for the Trump administration politically, too. That’s because the Trump administration will not have to start deporting DREAMers — so no nasty headlines about Trump cruelty. And meanwhile, the Trump administration will be able to claim to its supporters that it did everything in its power to stop DACA, but was thwarted by leftist courts. In essence, Trump will be able to leave DACA in place while claiming he’s attempted everything to stop DACA. That, of course, isn’t true. The Trump administration didn’t bother asking the Supreme Court for a temporary stay of the lower court’s ruling — good evidence that the administration doesn’t actually want to start deportations.

So, what’s changed? Not much. The media will be able to claim that Trump lost in court; Trump will be able to avoid beginning deportations, and blame the courts for it. While the media champion this ruling as a loss for Trump, on a political level, Trump didn’t lose anything at all.

This is certainly an instresting take on this but I slightly disagree. The media doesn’t need videos of the dreamers being deported to push hysteria surrounding it. As we have seen throughout his entire adminstration the Mainstream Media has no problem creating hysteria over simply enforcing the rule of law in our country. This means that the Media will be able to attack Trump for something he wasn’t even able to do.

Trump needs to end the DACA program. Trump tried his best to work with the Democrats but they decided to drop the entire issue once they realized they couldn’t pull the wool over the eyes of Donald Trump. Once they start getting deported Trump can simply put the blame where it belongs, on the Democrats.

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