Yesterday I was contacted by a Conservative Twitter user with the handle @Crown_Soup. He sent me screenshots of a conversation he had directly on Twitter and the reason for his banning.

Here they are:





Now, say whatever you want as it regards to the Tweets he sent out but none of this seems worthy of censorship. From the email, Twitter itself sent it seems that the worse thing I can see is him using the F-word. The next thing I see is that he certainly tagged a lot of people but considering this was a conversation that was between more than two parties I don’t think that should be censorship worthy.

Every day we see leftists take to Twitter, many verified and attack Conservatives. They use foul, sometimes threatening language and even make threats directed at The President of The United States. Yet, the majority of these people are free from any sort of punishment on Twitter. Conservatives, however, are freely censored and on a short leash when it comes to this type of stuff.

If Twitter would like to issue a clarifying statement to this I would be more than happy to add it to this article.



2 thoughts on “Exclusive: Twitter censors Conservative user, claims his argument was “targeted harassment””

  1. I’ve been coming under scrutiny as well but in the form of shadow banning I had a person accuse me of being a bot and I reported them but Twitter said that they weren’t going to take action because that it didn’t appear they we’re harrassing me based on the scope of the whole conversation…. Wtf does that mean??… Gab ai needs to reform their platform to make it user friendly.. the left social media needs to be ditched altogether.. or find a way to hold them accountable to the standards of the first amendment..just because they are private companies doesn’t give them the reach to censor stuff in the public eye.. do whatever you want with employees that work for you but when it comes to talking in a form that is seen by the public that portion in my belief is still #1A covered…

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