Florida gun show sees record number of attendees after left pushes Gun Control

The left has begun its push to further their gun control agenda and it seems supporters of the right to bear arms are taking notice.


Thousands of gun enthusiasts — more so than ever — flocked to the Florida State Fairgrounds for the Florida Gun Show event.

Organizers say they had a record number of people attend the event on Saturday, Feb. 24, almost 7,000, and expected more Sunday.

The manager for the Florida Gun Show, George Fernandez, says they’ve never seen such a big crowd.

Once again we see gun owners standing up for the right to bear arms after the left declares war on it. It seems everytime the left begins talking about banning guns gun owners only become more together and stronger. Don’t buy the mainstream media’s nonsense of the average Americans perception of the right to bear arms because it is demonstrably false.

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