AOC elderly clemency policy would likely have released Harvey Weinstein from prison

AOC has begun touting an elderly clemency policy which would seemingly release criminals aged 60 and up(She is unclear about what is the actual age of release)


And 21 incarcerated individuals have already tested positive for COVID-19. Those are folks who have been able to get tested. And as we know, tests are very limited. They are rationed for people who are already exhibiting quite extreme symptoms so we have no idea how much this outbreak is going out. So there are a lot of things we are asking for. One, we need to provide elderly clemency. There are plenty of people on Rikers that have been 60, 70, 80, 90 years old, who quite literally need someone to take care of them and they’re still kept in a cage in Rikers Island and in prisons throughout the United States. We need to ensure that we are granting elderly clemency in the United States.

The intresting thing is how she brings up Rikers Island. Rikers Island is the place where Harvey Weinstein contracted Chinese Coronavirus. 

According to the Niagara-Gazette, the ailing and aging Weinstein is being housed in the notorious Rikers Island jail, where there are reports of two cases of the virus. It’s unclear if Weinstein was the first case or if he contracted it from that case.

Harvey Weinstein tests positive for Chinavirus

Now, I put likely in the headline because liars like AOC never actually tell us what the policy they are pushing is. She has a lot of wiggle room with what she said because she really is saying nothing. It is all talking points. However if you take her at her word then it is almost undeniable that Harvey Weinstein would be released. He is in very bad health condition and is 68 years old. She might spin this by saying “It is a lie that I would release Harvey Weinstein”. So, lets take Harvey Weinstein’s name out of it. Let’s make Harvey Weinstein’s name John Smith. Let’s make John Smith a convicted rapist and have him at 68 years old. Would AOC’s plan release John Smith? Of course. I see zero evidence to the contrary of that.

If AOC would like to comment on this I would be happy to update this article with her response.

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