According to reports, convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein has tested positive for Chinese Coronavirus.

Niagara Gazette:

Oscar-winning movie producer Harvey Weinstein, now one of New York’s most notorious prison inmates after being sentenced for sexual assault, has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, according to officials connected to the state prison system.

Weinstein, who turned 68 last Thursday is being isolated at Wende Correctional Facility in Western New York, officials told CNHI Sunday.

He is one of two Wende inmates who have tested positive, the officials said.

Weinstein is serving a 23-year sentence for rape and sexual assault in a prosecution that attracted world-wide attention amid the #MeToo movement.

Officials familiar with his situation said it is believed Weinstein was positive for the virus when he entered the state prison system last Wednesday from Rikers Island, a New York City jail.

This should be a lesson for all those who think they are untouchable because of their money or their fame. Your day will come. Your day will always come. You will be forced to face your crimes at somepoint whether you like it or not.

Twitter is full of people celebrating the news:

Look I get it Harvey Weinstein is a terrible person. We would rather see him die than some person who isn’t a rapist.

However, I’m tired of all of these people who just come jump on the issue when it is popular to hate him. Where were all of these keyboard warriors when he was raping women? Where were all of these keyboard warriors when he was in a position of power?

We know from video that Michelle Obama was praising him:

FLASHBACK: Michelle Obama called Weinstein a “wonderful human being”

All of our favorite leftists have also been pictured with him:

The left loves throwing around litterally one photo of Trump and Weinstein:


Don’t let the left spin this. The right has never embraced this monster while the left always has.

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