Antifa Rally Ends Within Seconds After Police Get Involved

The Seattle Police Department clashed with left-wing Antifa rioters during their anti-Police riot.

Seattle Police took to Twitter to give more information on what they were up against:

Thanks to Police being able to do their jobs the riots ended in seconds:

This should be the blueprint for how to handle riots across the country. Peaceful protests are fine. However, as soon as a protest turns into a riot those who committed crimes simply must be arrested. There is no excuse for a lawless society.

A new study found that BLM riots have taken place in 48 of 50 cities across the United States.

Summit News:

A new study out of Princeton University reveals that 48 out of the 50 largest cities in the United States have experienced riots associated with the Black Lives Matter movement since late May.

Despite the leftist media’s obsession with calling the fiery violence ‘mostly peaceful’, the data indicates that most cities are seeing some violent unrest.

The intent of the study appears to have been to bolster the ‘mostly peaceful’ narrative, as it notes that the perception of the trouble may have been influenced by “political orientation and biased media framing” as well as “disproportionate coverage of violent demonstrations.”

More on the study from Byron York:

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