Wounded Vet Blasts Lefties Using Him To Smear Trump

Iraq War Veteran Bobby Henline blasted left-wingers using his image to smear President Trump.

The Daily Caller:

Four-tour Iraq War veteran and comedian Bobby Henline demanded Monday that people stop using his image for “propaganda.”

Within a day of a report from The Atlantic claiming that President Donald Trump had called wounded veterans “losers” and saying that no one wanted to see them, Henline’s face appeared on anti-Trump memes that used that message

This smear comes after the far-left website The Atlantic published a report(that is now almost completely debunked) claiming President Trump insulted wounded vets.

The truth is that President Trump loves our troops:

Video has resurfaced of President Donald Trump praising wounded veterans in 2007 live on CNN.

The left will stop at nothing to hurt President Trump. They will even use a wounded Veterans image without his permission.

Good on Bobby Henline for calling them out. He is a true hero. He served our country and paid an extremely high price yet he still is a wonderful man. Men like him are the reason we stand for our National Anthem.

Will Big Tech censor this Fake News?

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