Reporter Refuses To Take Off Mask While Asking Question…Can Barely Be Heard

Journalists in the Mainstream Press continue to show that they are the worst. Reuters reporter Jeff Mason refused to take his mask off while asking President Trump a question. President Trump tried to get him to so he could hear but the reporter insisted that he didn’t.

It looks like the Chinese Coronavirus hysteria that the Mainstream Press is pushing is also rubbing off on them. There is no science that backs up keeping the mask on. However, this reporter acts like doing so would put him in grave danger.

Mainstream Journalists are some of the worst people in our country. They live in a world completely disconnected from the rest of us. Everything they do is embarrassing to the rest of the country. I have no clue who Jeff Mason is he might be a great person. All I do know is this was one of the most foolish moments I have seen in quite some time.

Of course, CNN refused to be outdone in the embarrassment category and gave us this headline:

The Media is not on your side folks…

…Never forget that.

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