Ann Coulter: 98% of the heroin & fentanyl in this country comes across our southern border

On Lou Dobbs Fox Bussiness Show Ann Coulter stated that 98% of the heroin & fentanyl in this country comes across our southern border

Although we could not find the exact 98% number that she used above last year we reported that 90% of consumed heroin can be traced back to Mecixo.

90 percent of heroin consumed in the United States has been linked back to Mexico and their Drug Cartels. This comes from the Washington Free Beacon which got their info from a recent State Department report.

Now this news is not shocking by any means. The Drug Cartels have been a dark cloud over Mexico for quite some time. These Cartels have control over local law enforcement and are at this point too big for the government to even shut down. They rule through fear and will eliminate anyone who stands in their way. A cop attempts to investigate them, he ends up dead. Civilians double cross them then they mysteriously go missing. These Cartels are dangerous and should be treated so by our government. They should be looked at as a terrorist organization. Statics show they kill enough to be considered a terrorist group. They have murdered their fair share of people but most of the damage they do in the United states is second-hand killing. They transport Heroin and opioid pills into America and this leads to many deaths every year.

Drug overdose deaths 1999-2015



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