Analysts: China’s Effort To Influence The 2020 Election “Far More Extensive” Than Reported

A new report from Bloomberg outlined the war going on between those in the intel community regarding the impact China had on the 2020 election.

It seems that China’s influence was far more than previously reported and some are trying to downplay that.


Some analysts say the new intelligence will show that China’s effort to influence the U.S. election was far more extensive than previously reported by spy agencies over the last year, the people said.

DNI Cheif  John Ratcliffe may withhold the report if it doesn’t accurately represent the extent China impacted the 2020 election:

President Donald Trump’s spy chief is considering holding up a report to Congress on foreign efforts to sway the Nov. 3 election, arguing that China should be cited more prominently for its attempts to influence American voters, according to people familiar with the matter.

The disagreement that’s dividing U.S. intelligence officials and analysts has prompted Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe to weigh withholding his certification of the report that’s supposed to be delivered to U.S. lawmakers on Friday, the people said.

Ratcliffe wants the report to more fully reflect the national security threat that China’s efforts posed, said the people, who spoke on condition of anonymity owing to the sensitivity of the information.

More from OANN:

Of course, this lines up perfectly with what we have seen.

We know that China started a propaganda campaign against the Trump Administration.

We know that China has spies all across our important institutions.

Pray for DNI Ratcliffe that he stands firm and puts out a report exposing the extent China influenced our elections.

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